Possum Creek MetroPark

Possum Creek MetroPark Dayton OH will be a delight for those who love nature. The park has a wide range of activities, from hiking and fishing to gardening and camping. Possum Creek offers a relaxing escape. No matter how many hours you spend here, it will be a relaxing retreat that you’ll never forget. Learn more about Possum Creek MetroPark. The park is located 4790 Frytown Rd. Dayton, OH 44513.

More than four miles are of hiking and biking trails in the park. The boardwalk connects the creek to the frog-pond. Picnic spots with shelters and tables can be found at the park. The park offers water as well. There are several lakes and stocked streams that are available for fishing in the park during warmer months. You can also visit farms and meet the animals. It is closed Christmas Day. Planning to go to bar in Dayton, Ohio? Check this.

The park was established by Null Hodapp, a former soldier. It still retains remnants of the postwar venture such as the remains of streetcars used as campers and piers from an abandoned bridge. According to Five Rivers MetroParks Chief Planner, Possum Creek MetroParks feels like you are stepping back into the past. Even taking photos is possible! Check out the website to see if Possum Creek MetroPark has access for you if your plans include a visit to the park.

This park is 550 acres in size and contains tall grass prairies, old fields, and wooded areas. This park has many lakes and ponds as well as 100 acres native Ohio prairie. It took several years for the prairie to be established, and it is now one among the largest planted prairies of Ohio. The park has plenty of wheelchair-accessible facilities. The park has a playground and a picnic area.

Argonne MetroPark, a reclaimed site for amusement parks, is located at Argonne Forest MetroPark. It features the remains of an ex-amusement park on its 1.4-mile long purple loop trail. From the park’s parking area, you can access the trail. The Argonne forests are open from April 1 until October 31. Picnics can be enjoyed in one of the park’s many shelters during this time. For those who loves both action and fun, you can go to Dayton BJJ training in Dayton.